Baby Gets Dressed, by Katrina Germein & Sascha Hutchinson

It’s time to get dressed.
But what will Baby wear?

This cute little board book is a simple rhyming story of baby getting dressed for the day, and a seek and find book rolled into one. On each spread the text indicates the next item which baby will wear, while the left hand illustration shows happy baby dressed in previous items and playing. The right hand page shows five of the new item, in different patterns and colours, with the young reader invited to find the correct item for baby to wear.

The rhyming text scans well, making it easy to read and to predict text, whilst the illustrations, using bright collage materials, will engage young viewers.

Baby gest Dressed is suitable for birth to preschool aged children.

Baby Gets Dressed [Board book]

Baby gest Dressed, by Katrina Germein & Sascha Hutchinson
Working Title, 2009

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Pig Out, by Sascha Hutchinson

Every day, five little pigs eat their fill of a new food. On Monday it’s porridge, on Tuesday it’s parsnips and so on. But whilst four of the pigs eat well and grow bigger, one little pig seems not to be eating. He isn’t growing at all. Why isn’t he eating? All is revealed, when after five days of eating healthy foods, on Saturday the little pig gets his turn and eats pizza.

This is a funny, cute title for the very young with minimal text and unique collage illustrations. It took this adult reader a couple of reads to pick up that the little pig wasn’t growing, but when I read it to my youngster he picked it up straight away!

Popular since its first release in 1999, Pig Out has been re-released in paperback format.

Pig Out, by Sascha Hutchinson
This edition Working Title Press, 2006