Cherry Pie, by Leigh Redhead

I reached for the torch and had just closed my fingers round the handle when it was kicked out of my grasp and flew down the lane, plastic cracking. The light was extinguished and all I could make out was a shape looming above me, amorphous and shifting like something not quite human, and then the shadow lengthened and there was a rush of air and an incredible cracking pain on my forehead, and after a brief flash of light it was darker than ever.

All that Simone Kirsch wants is to be a private detective. She’s setting up her own agency – just as soon as she has the money to do so. In the meantime she’s moonlighting as a stripper to build up some cash.

When Andi Fowler approaches her for help, Simone isn’t so sure. Andi is a childhood friend who is working a big new story – but she won’t give Simone the details, and she’s low on cash to pay Simone for her services. But when Andi disappears, Simone feels obliged to take the case.

Cherry Pie is the third title in the Simone Kirsch series, and , like its predecessors is high on action and tension whilst also humorous and earthy. Simone’s life is chaotic – and that’s when she’s not on a case. When she is it’s tumultuous. She makes mistakes, puts herself and others in danger, and doesn’t know when to give up. But she’s likeable and her wry take on life is as endearing as it is entertaining. She is well supported by a wide cast of characters.

Readers will be clamouring for more.

Cherry Pie (Simone Kirsch)
Cherry Pie, by Leigh Redhead
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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