Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan, by Sophie Masson

At that moment, the woman turned her eyes to them. She ignored the Gulls and focused her dazzling smile on Thomas, ‘Oh, Mr Trew,’ she said, ‘this must be your son, the Rymer.’ Her voice was sweet, silvery, beautiful. Her eyes looked deep into Thomas’s and he felt warmth flowing into him. She smiled. ‘How handsome he is! But that is not surprising, of course.’

Thomas Trew is happy living in Owlchurch, a town in the Hidden World. He especially loves his new friends, Pinch and Patch, who are teaching him magic. But the peace of the village is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious visitor. Frodite Peree has been awarded the Horns of Pan, a very high honour indeed, and now she wants to so set up home in Owlchurch. Most of the villagers are delighted. Having such an esteemed resident will bring fame to the town. But Frodite wants to usurp Old Gal, who is Pinch and Patch’s mother, and Thomas is not so convinced that she is all she says she is.

Thomas and the twins set out to seek help, but their journey takes them far from home, and with time running out, they may not be back in time to stop the stranger taking over Owlchurch.

Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan is the second title in the Thomas Trew series, but stands alone so that readers new to the series are not disadvantage. Thomas is a human child who has come to live in the magical Hidden World, where he has a special role to play as a Rymer. This role sees him respected and loved in the village, and playing an integral role in solving problems, which child readers will appreciate.

With unicorns, dwarves, witches and more mythical creatures, this is sure to enchant children aged 8 to 12.

Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan

Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan, by Sophie Masson
Hodder, 2007

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