The Dragon Queens, by Traci Harding

Ashlee Devere, who readers first met in The Gene of Isis, a 19th century clairvoyant and adventurer has been summoned by the Sangreal Knighthood to authenticate a Sumerian Text taken from an archaeological dig. This begins a new adventure for her, her husband and her oldest son, which will change their lives irrevocably.

Tamar, the thirteen year old daughter od 21st century Mia Montrose, is reading Ashlee’s diaries for the first time, and at the same time is undergoing changes which are unexpected to her, but which have been foretold by others. Tamar’s destiny is to determine the fate of the whole world.

The Dragon Queens, the second title in the Mystique Trilogy, is told through the first person journalising of Tamar, Ashlee and Mia, each in their own time periods, and at times with the assistance of other women. This form of narration, along with the complex nature of the women’s quest, keeps the reader absorbed, with each new twist adding to the intrigue. There is much to absorb and process, and readers will be keen for the third and final instalment to see how the story resolves.

Intriguing fantasy.

The Dragon Queens, by Traci Harding
Voyager, 2007

Gene of Isis, by Traci Harding

In nineteenth century England, Ashlee Granville approaches her society debut with trepidation. When she enters the marriage market, she will be forced to hide her special talents – talents which she has worked all her life to develop. A powerful clairvoyant, Ashlee wants to travel and continue her studies. But those around Ashlee have other plans – and, it seems, she is destined to marry.

In 21st centruy Australia, Mia Montrose receives the phone call she has always dreamed of getting. A scholar with a Doctorate in Ancient Languages, she has been asked to join an archeological dig which promises to be the most exciting job of her career.

In the 13th century, Lillet du Lac, a Priestess protected by the Cathars, is entrusted with the transportation of a sacred treasure.

These three women have a connection that none of them could guess at – all bear the sacred Gene of Isis. And, despite the centuries that separate them, all three are guided by the same man. With his help and working together, they must overcome a foe none of them could have imagined.

Gene of Isis is the first book in the new Mystique trilogy by acclaimed fantasy author Traci Harding. Harding weaves the three tales together, creating three richly detailed and overlapping worlds. The three female characters are each unique and their male champion a nice blend of strength, good counsel and humour. Harding has combined historical fact, with real events from church history woven with a combination of theoretic altenatives and fantsay.

An absorbing read.

Gene of Isis, by Traci Harding
Voyager, 2005