Rowan of the Bukshah, by Emily Rodda

Winter has come to Rin – and it is refusing to go. This is the coldest winter in livng memory and the people will die if it does not ease. When the decision is made to leave the town and head for the coast, Rowan decides he must stay with his beloved Bukshah. But first, he must consult Sheba, to learn what message she has for him.

As before, Sheba has a rhyme for Rowan, a rhyme he does not understand. It seems sacrifice is needed. Rowan sets out on the most terrifying quest of his life, aware that he may not return. Will he have the strength to do what must be done?

This is the fifth and final book in the Rowan series, and Rodda does not disappoint. Favourite characters from previous episodes work alongside Rowan to face his biggest challenge yet, and all dig deep to find the answer to Rin’s problems. A satisfying conclusion to the series.

Rowan of the Bukshah,by Emily Rodda
Omnibus, 2003