Animal Architects, by John Nicholson

Did you know there’s a bird who can tie complex knots to build a basket-like chamber? Or that wombats can build warrens with thirty metres of tunnel (or more)? Author/illustrator John Nicholson, a qualified architect, was so fascinated with the way the animal world deals with the need for housing, that he put together Animal Architects.

Divided into chapters exploring different types of homes, from Weavers to Diggers and Carpenters, the book looks at how animals build their homes and what they use them for.

With plenty of Australian content – wombats, bower-birds and trap-door spiders among the animals discussed – there are also well known builders like beavers and woodpeckers.

Nicholson’s illustrations are both detailed and appealing, making the book a visual delight. Whilst the book has great appeal as a reference title, it will be a source of delight and entertainment for both children and adults.

John Nicholson is among Australia’s most respected writers of non-fiction for children. Other titles include Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Gold!

Animal Architects, written and illustrated by John Nicholson
Allen & Unwin, 2003