Dangerous Waters, by Bronwyn Blake

When Joshua meets his American cousin, Zoe, for the first time, he’s not impressed. She’s loud, bossy and painful. But at least she can sail.

Josh and Zoe spend their days sailing around the lake and exploring. But when they get stuck far from home one night, they see something they shouldn’t – another boat, a ute and two men fighting. When one man shoots the other they are frightened. When they get home, no one believes their story – until police find the abandoned boat and link it with three armed robberies. Josh and Zoe work together to try to solve the mystery and to keep themselves safe.

Dangerous Waters, a Crime Waves title from Lothian, is a murder mystery for readers aged 12 to 14. With plenty of action and intrigue, coupled with an easily-digestible length, this is a great inroduction to the crime genre, while also catering for those who are already enthusiasts.

A great read.

Dangerous Waters, by Bronwyn Blake
Lothian, 2003