Wacky Tales, by Dianne Bates

Alex has girl problems. As if it’s not enough having three sisters to contend with, the new girl at school, Simone Temby, has a crush on him. She keeps telling him how cute he is. Bleh!

Alex and his mates do all they can to get girls to stay away, but when a camping trip goes wrong they discover that sometimes girls do have some uses.

Boys Only (No Girls) is a fun story from popular children’s author Dianne Bates. But one of the best parts about this story is that when you’ve finished the story you can turn the book over and read a second story by the same author. Two books for the price of one.

In the second story, The Megabucks Kid, Byron Spender the third enrols in Cragley Public School after his personal tutor resigns. He has to learn how to mix with the common people at a normal school. The other kids hope he’ll buy some cool things for the school – perhaps a swimming pool or a whole stack of new computers.

These two stories come together to form Wacky Tales, a Banana Split title from Banana Books. This fun series, with its novel format, is proving popular with young readers Australia-wide. Wacky Tales will do the same.

Wacky Tales, by Dianne Bates
Banana Books, 2002