A Grave Catastrophe, by Nette Hilton

Oliver Briskett has worked hard all his life and now it’s time to enjoy his retirement. Unfortunately, his peace is quickly shattered, for Oliver stands accused of the murder of Thomas A. Gentle.

Oliver, a seeing-eye dog, must use all his skills of deduction, and draw on his friends, old and new, to solve the mystery of who really did kill Thomas. Then he must show his owner and the other humans, that he is innocent, and should not be sent away.

A Grave Catastrophe is a murder msytery with a difference. With the chief suspect a dog and the victim a cat and a supporting cast of colourful animal characters, this is a book which is both intriguing and humorous.

Author Nette Hilton takes the unusual step of using Oliver Briskett as the first person narrator of the story, a gamble which pays off. Oliver’s voice is delightful.

A Takeaways title from Lothian, A Grave Catastrophe is sure to appeal to readers aged ten to twelve.

A Grave Catastrophe, by Nette Hilton
Lothian, 2003