Through the Tiger's Eye, by Kerrie O'Connor

When Lucy and Ricardo see the house their mother wants to rent, they are not impressed. But when they explore the house they feel differently. There is something inexplicable in their attraction to the house and, especially, an old carpet in the room which will become their bedroom.

After they move in to the house, a cat eerily similar to the tiger on the old rug leads them to a secret tunnel which connects their home with a country where children are kept as slaves, weaving rugs and making toys. Soon, Lucy and Ricardo are involved in a daring rescue of the slave children, aided by the tiger-cat and other animals.

This gripping adventure tale, suitable for children aged 10 to 12 is a skilful balance of mystery, suspense and issues. Author Kerrie O’Connor balances exploration of political repression and child labour with humour and excitement.

A great read.

Through The Tiger’s Eye, by Kerrie O’Connor
Allen & Unwin, 2003