Eloise – A Ghost Story, by Catherine Jinks

When Ally’s friends Michelle and Peter suggest they start up an Exorcists’ Club, Ally isn’t too keen. After all, playing about with ghosts can be dangerous – as Ally knows from experience. But when Bettina, a lonely girl from school, begs for help in contacting a dead relative, Ally gives in.

The four children try to contact Bettina’s cousin Michael through a seance and, when that doesn’t work, Ally calls in her old friend Delora, to see if she has any better luck. On the night of Delora’s seance, though, she recognizes another presence in Bettina’s house. Not only can she not help to remove it, but it frightens her so badly she wants nothing more to do with it.

It is up to the members of the Exorcists’ Club to figure out what the presence in Bettina’s room is and how they can send it on its way.

Eloise is the third ghost story featuring Ally and her friends. Author Catherine Jinks draws young readers in with an excellent blend of spine-tingling mystery and an exploration of the regular challenges of kids’ lives – friendships, family problems and more.

An eerie read.

Eloise: A Ghost Story, by Catherine Jinks
Allen & Unwin, 2003