Life's Little Toolbox, by Nils Vesk

Do you ever feel like life should come with its own personalised repair kit? A set of tools specially designed for mending the bumps and scrapes we all pick up along the way? Nils Vesk, yoga teacher, personal trainer and host of Yoga TV has put one together just for you.

Full of tips and ideas for stress reduction, yoga, meditation, exercise and diet, this handy little book shows you how to get the most out of every minute of your life.. Divided into three sections – focussing on mind, body and spirit – Life’s Little Toolbox aims to provide all the tools needed to manage your life, bring you health and happiness and get connected with the real you.

This is a book which offers choices – you can read it cover to cover, or simply flick through to find something of interest, or you can use the tool finder which will direct you to the pages and chapters for your particular malady. However you use it, you are sure to find something to inspire, motivate or simply cheer you.

A handy volume.

Life’s Little Tool Box, by Nis Vesk
Allen & Unwin, 2003