Feels Real Series

Board books are popular with parents and youngsters alike. Their sturdy format, bright presentation and simple language make them perfect both for sharing sessions and individual exploration.

Scholastic Australia’s newest board book offering has an added dimension – tactile panels in each page.

There are four titles in the series, Cuddly Puppies, Furry Kittens, On the Farm and Little Ponies. Each includes five double page spreads with beautiful animal photography, one or two simple sentences and an invitation to touch the tactile insertion in one of the pictures. Children are invited to touch the furry mane of the pony, stroke the silky fur of the sheepdog, feel the kitten’s rough tongue and more. This provides an interactive element to the book which will keep youngsters turning pages and coming back to the books again and again.

Priced at just $7.95 (rrp) each, these little books are delightful.

Feels Real: Cuddly Puppies, Furry Kittens, Little Ponies and On the Farm
Scholastic Australia, 2004