Stormriders, by Anna Ciddor

When Oddo meets a boy working on a neighbouring property, he is not impressed. The boy steals his grain beofre throwing things at him. But when Thora meets the same boy, Dungal, she sees something Oddo doesn’t. Dungal is not rude – rather, he is alone and very frightened. He has been captured by the Vikings and sold as a slave. All he wants is to get home to his family.

Thora decides she must help him to get back to Ireland, despite the obvious perils of such a journey. Although he is reluctant, Oddo too decides to take part in the mission to take Dungal home.

The three set out in a boat which is ill-equipped for such a journey, and must overcome many obstacles – including being shipwrecked, lost and being captured by rogue Vikings. Still more challenges lie in confronting their inner selves and secrets from their lives at home.

This is the third and final book in the Viking Magic series, and will not disappoint young fans who have read its predecessors. All the magic, the mystery and the adventure of Ciddor’s earlier tales are brought to life once more in a book which paints a rich portrait of the Viking World.

An excellent blend of historical fact and magical fantasy, sure to appeal to 10 to 13 year old readers.

Stormriders, by Anna Ciddor
Allen & Unwin, 2004