Until Death, by Sandy Curtis

When Libby Daniels wakes, feeling fuzzy and hungover, she can’t believe what she sees. Two men are standing over her mother’s battered body. When she hears one man say “Libby killed her,” she knows she must get away. She flees to Brisbane, hoping to find refuge with her grandfather, who she hasn’t seen for fourteen years.

In Brisbane, however, she finds not her grandfather, but a stranger – Conor Martin – who takes her in and helps in. He could be Libby’s knight in shining armour – if he wasn’t hiding a terrible secret of his own.

Libby and Conor are forced to learn to trust each other in order to ensure their survival, as their respective enemies combine forces, determined to destroy them.

Until Death is a fast-paced thriller, with a twist of romance. This is the fourth offering from author Sandy Curtis who manages to make each successive book a little more complex.

A gripping read.

Until Death, by Sandy Curtis
Macmillan, 2004