Desi Detective Solves a Mystery, by John Parker

Desi Detective is at home eating a ham and salad roll when her phone rings. Sharif Shopkeeper has a very important mystery for her to solve. Someone has stolen all the free jellybeans from Sharif’s jar! Desi is straight on the case and, in no time at all, has followed the clues and located the greedy thief.

Desi Detective Solves a Mystery is one of four titles in the Buzz Town series from brand new publisher Ibis. This one has the feel of a retro comic book, with its slapstick humour and narrative style. Desi carries a Catch-a-Burglar magnifying glass as she heads off to catch Lickface Larry, the bad-guy who quickly sees the error of his ways.

These simple stories are accompanied by suggestions for parents to help get children involved before, during and after reading and supported by online activities and printables at the Ibis website.

Desi Detective Solves a Mystery, by John Parker, illustrated by Russell Tate
Ibis, 2004