Lefty, by Meryl Brown Tobin

Tommy wants to cut out the pictures he sees in magazines, but whenever he tries, the scissors won’t work and the pictures get ripped. Tommy and his mother don’t know how to solve the problem, but when Tommy visits Doctor Jane, she tells him that left-handers need left-handed scissors.Soon, Tommy has a special pair of scissors and can cut out just like any child.

Lefty is a story that will especially appeal to left-handed children and adults, but also has a message about working together to solve problems and about self confidence. The illustrations of Christine Lott are bold and bright and clearly support the story, whilst the A5 soft back format makes the book easy to hold for beginning readers.

A great learning tool and an interesting story.

Lefty is available in book stores or directly from the publisher, Ningan Publishing, c/- PO Grantville, Vic, 3984, at the rrp of $12.95, with free postage.

Lefty, by Meryl Brown Tobin, illustrated by Christine Lott
Ningan Publishing, 2000