Shoes News, by Jacqui Grantford

Did you know that ugg boots were discovered in 12 000 BC after a mysterious visitation from bright lights in the sky? And that Robin Hood may have given money and jewels to the poor, but he kept the shoes for himself? Jacqui Grantford does and you will too after reading the charming Shoes News.

Each double page spread of this title retells a historical event with the impact of shoes (or lack thereof) at its centre. The invention of the wheel was needed, we are told, to put less pressure on shoeless feet. The ancient Olympics was just a ruse to distract attention while wagonloads of new shoes were delivered to the war front. Queen Elizabeth, it is revealed, wore fluffy slippers instead of more regal footwear under her expansive skirts. In comic detail author/illustrator Grantford reveals long-hidden shoe secrets, rewriting history along the way.

Kids will love the humour of this offering and the novelty of the newspaper format of each report. Adults will also get a laugh and teachers will find it a valuable classroom tool for studies of the newspaper, among other things.

Shoes News is Grantford’s second picture book offering and, as with her earlier title Various Faerious, showcases her exquisitely detailed illustrative style.

A delight.

Shoes News, by Jacqui Grantford
Lothian, 2004