The Magician and the Fairy, by Grace Oakley

Along with the wierd trousers, Isabella was wearing a gold nose-ring the size of a full stop, at least six microscopic earrings and a pair of spiky-heeled pink sandals. In her belly button was a teeny weeny green gemstone – some sort of fake emerald. Not a good look on a tooth fairy!

Tim isn’t sure what is going on. His tooth fairy, Isabella, has decided to change her wardrobe – and her career. Next he’s visited not just by Isabella’s mother, trying to get her back on the straight and narrow, but also by Isabella’s brothers – all sixteen of them.

If having seventeen fairies in the house isn’t enough, Tim has other dramas. His Nana has come to stay and wants Tim to spend all his time entertaining her. Meanwhile, Tim is trying to get through rehearsals for the drama production he is in. Then there is his friend Ryan and the mysterious trapdoor they’ve found in Mrs Trimble’s back yard. Is it really possible that a magician is living down there?

The Magician and the Tooth Fairy is part of the new Breakers series from Macmillan Education. With magic, secret rooms and a plethora of fairies, it will appeal to children aged 9 to 12, with the levelled reading age identified as 12.

As well as being fun, the story touches on issues of family, friendship and old age, in a subtle manner making it suitable for either in class or private reading.

The Magician and the Fairy, by Grace Oakley
Macmillan Education, 2004