Life Skills For kids, by Kim Davis

Being a child isn’t always fun and games. Kids have lots of things to deal with – difficulties with school work, bullying, family problems, social problems and more. And not every child shows what s/he is feeling inside so that the adults around them can help them. Life Skills For Kids is designed to offer kids this help, by showing them ways to understand and control their feelings.

Author Kim Davis, a teacher, therapist and counsellor has put together a program that helps children develop an awareness of the connection between their feelings and what is happening in their life. Using fictional stories and reflective activities, Life Skills for Kids is an interactive book which can be worked through by the child on his/her own or, ideally with parental support.

Life Skills for Kids contains four stories, each with follow up activities, followed by sections explaining relaxation techniques such as massage, meditation, dance, and understanding dreams.

Life Skills For Kids offers a great resource for kids, parents, teachers and counsellors.

Life Skills for Kids, by Kim Davis
Ibis Publishing, 2004