Wicked Fun 4 Kids – Games for the Brain, by Kate Booker

What has teeth but never eats?
When does Friday come before Thursday?
Which nut has a hole in the middle of it?

These are some of the easier riddles in this fun new offering from ABC Books. The 94 pages of this little book are packed with riddles, quizzes, trivia, word teasers and more, guaranteed to keep kids (and adults) guessing.

The challenges are organised into difficulty levels, with Easy Fun followed by Medium Fun and, ultimately, Wicked Fun. Each section is followed by answers and sprinkled with jokes and fun illustrations.

Kate Booker is the creator of the immensely popular wicked4kids website, which is visted by 30 000 children every week. The brain games in the book come from contributions sent to the website from all over the world.

This is a great offering for kids aged eight and over and would make a good gift.

Wicked Fun4Kids: Games for the Brain, by Kate Booker
ABC Books, 2004