Return to Shalott, by Felicity Pulman

Spinning through infinite space, through an icy rushing darkness. Racing towards the unknown. Callie took courage from her sense of the others’ presence, but still she wished with all her heart that she might somehow reverse the process and bring them safely home once more. Yet already it was too late.

After her last visit to Camelot, Callie vowed never to return. The ramifications were just too many. Yet here she is, hurtling through space and time with her friends Stephen and Hal and her twin sister El.

From their moment of arrival, they are in trouble. First, Howell, a squire who befriended the teens on their last visit, is thrown from his horse and killed – an incident caused by his catching site of Hal, who is identical in appearance.

Soon, though, it seems Howell’s death won’t be the only one. Guinevere is not happy to see Callie back, sure that Callie is trying to steal Lancelot’s love away from her. And Guinevere is not Callie’s only enemy. The evil Morgan le Fay wants her out of the way – for good. Only courage and friendship can keep the teens alive until they can return home.

Return to Shalott is a gripping sequel to Shalott (2001) and the combination of the ultra-modern concept of virtual reality with the medieval world of Camelot is a mix which will appeal to a range of teens.

Pulman shows an ability to entwine a well-researched tale with the problems and dilemmas faced by many teens, to make the characters both real and easy to relate to.

Return to Shalott is yet another gripping read from an outstanding author.

Return to Shalott, by Felicity Pulman
Random House, 2002