Watch Out for Bunyips, by Helen Evans

On the far side of the pool there were tall trees and the land rose quite steeply. It looked dark and forbidding. No doubt it was horrible there.That was bunyip country for sure.

Kylie has been scared of bunyips all her life – even though she’s never seen one. Now her parents have brought her to live in the country for a few months. She hopes there won’t be any bunyips there.

But bunyips prove to be the least of Kylie’s problems. A gang of unruly teens is up to no good around town, and Kylie becomes a target when they catch her taking photos of their activities. With her new friend Birilee, Kylie tries to avoid trouble. At the same time the pair build a friendship which enriches both their lives and sees the town coming together.

Watch Out for Bunyips is an adventure story for upper primary aged children. It also explores issues of reconciliation, Aboriginal culture and the environment, making it possibly suitable for classroom use.

Watch Out for Bunyips, by Helen Evans
Loranda Publishing, 2004