Weathercock Black, by M. J. Bruty

In an increasingly suspicious and tense world, the murder of ASIS agents in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea sounds alarm bells in Australia’s security agencies. There’s a leak somewhere – a leak that has meant these agents identities has been revealed, with disastrous consequences.

Barely recovered from a wound incurred on his last operation, David Garis is surprised to find himself recruited to an operation to find those responsible for the deaths. He is even more surprised when he meets Kristin Pace, a Biritish exchange officer, who has been assigned to his team. He isn’t convinced that Kristin has what it takes to go undercover in the wilds of Papua New Guinea.

Soon, though, David and Kristin are working together to figure out who is responsible for the death of the ASIS agents and other strange things happening in the region.

Weathercock Black is a fast moving action adventure set within the ranks of Australia’s secuity agencies and in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Bruty ‘s strong plot is supported by her believable characters and setting. There is plenty of action, some unexpected twists and turns and intrigue aplenty.

Some readers will find the editing quality a little distracting – there are spelling and punctuation errors which should have been picked up at the proofreading stage scattered throughout the book. This is a shame because it is a well-written story which deserves to be read.

Weathercock Black is a good solid first novel from a new Australian writer.

Weathercock Black, by M.J. Bruty
Sid Harta Publishing, 2004