Tibetan Ting-Sha, by Robert Beer

The ting-sha is a simple Tibetan insturument used in Buddhist rituals. One does not have to be Buddhist, however, to feel the power of this little insturment. In Tibetan Ting-Sha noted Buddhist artist and scholar Robert Beer provides a detailed background of the history and uses of the ting-sha, including an explanation of how they are made. He then goes on to show how anyone can use the instrument to create sacred sound in music, meditation and ritual.

The small format hard cover book comes complete with a pair of ting-sha, crafted by Tibetan craftsmen, so that the reader can experience and benefit from its delightful sound. The instrument does have a very captivating and spiritual sound.

This set would be a delightful gift.

Tibetn Ting-Sha, by Robert Beer
Pan Macmillan, 2004