Money Smart Kids, by Dianne Bates

Kids, like adults, love money and, like adults, most kids want more money than they have at any given time. One of the problems for children is coming up with ways of getting more money that don’t involve nagging Mum or Dad.

Money Smart Kids will help solve this problem. Packed with hundreds of money-making ideas for kids to try, this handy little volume also gives lots of practical information such as budgeting advice, how to get and keep customers and how to work with a partner or team. There are also case studies of real-life children who have managed to make money for themselves or for charity.

The book’s design is also appealing, with plenty of headings and subheadings for easy reference and with case studies easily identified by their text boxes. A glossary, index of jobs, suggested further reading and lists of useful websites and phone numbers, round out the book nicely, making it both entertaining and useful.

Children aged 8 to 14 will enjoy this book. Parents will appreciate it too, for its honest and helpful advice for young people.

Money Smart Kids, by Dianne Bates
Ibis Publishing, 2005