Who Dares? by Krista Bell

Rhys rode that wave like the champion he hoped to become this week, right here, where he’d been surfing all his life. He pumped it all the way to the beach, until he expertly flicked off the back of the wave. Totally satisfied, he watched as it dissolved into nothingness right next to the rocks. Brilliant, totally utterly brilliant.

This is Rhys and Toby’s second trip together to Lorne. Last time they managed to form a pretty good friendship and solve each other’s problems. This time the trip is all about surfing – they hope.

Both boys are entered into the Easter surfing competition and, in the days before, all they plan on doing is getting in some practice. But when Toby’s board bag is stolen from the beach, they are determined to track down who has taken it and other missing surf gear, even if it means time away from practice.

Before the comppetion begins, there is time for more than one mystery to be solved.

Who Dares is a mix of surfing, skateboarding and mystery, which is a blend sure to appeal especially to young male readers, but it is also a story of friendship, family and keeping an open mind. Whilst the focus is on the growing friendship between the two main characters, there is also an exploration of their developing understanding of the other characters they meet. The boys’ lessons about making judgements and valuing family are gently shared with readers without being preachy or didactic.

Who Dares? is a sequel to Who Cares? (the winner of the 17th Australian Family Therapist’s Award for Children’s Literature), but also stands alone as an entertaining read.

Who Dares?, by Krista Bell
Lothian, 2005