Magwheel Madness, by Jon Doust & Ken Spillman

In their last adventure, the Serventy Kids had to work together to save the magpies that the local council was determined to eradicate. Now, the birds are safe, but the kids aren’t. Local hoons are out looking for fun and their idea of fun spells danger for the younger kids.

First, the year sixes are on a school excursion which is ruined when a speeding car runs them off the road. Then sometime rips up the school oval. The kids decide they’ve had enough. Someone needs to act before their school is ruined – or, worse still, someone is seriously injured.

What it takes to put a stop to the hoons is a team effort, a little detective work and some proactive thinking.

Magwheel Madness is an exciting sequel to Magpie Mischief and shows kids working together to change things that effect them. Looking at themes of responsibility, team work and honesty, the book’s main appeal is its humour and pace.

A good fun read.

Magwheel Madness, by Jon Doust and Ken Spillman
Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2005