It's All a Matter of Attitude, by Justin Herald

I don’t have an attitude problem…
You have a perception problem.

Justin Herald is the master of Attitude. Well, actually, he owns it. His business, Attitude Inc. , was founded with just $50 and has since grown into an international success. Herald now travels the world, spreading his message about following dreams and staying motivated.

In It’s All a Matter of Attitude Herald shares some of the slogans that have appeared on Attitude Inc. merchandise, with each accompanied by an explanation of its meaning and insight into his personal experiences and where the slogan came from.

This little volume could be read cover to cover, or readers may choose to open randomly at a page in their search for inspiration. It isn’t really intended as read-once kind of a book – rather, it is meant to be savoured and revisited as and when needed – both at times when, Herald says, things aren’t going as planned, but also when things are working perfectly. Different slogans are likely to speak to different readers in varying ways at differing times.

It’s All a Matter of Attitude is likely to speak to a range of readers – from those who are starting businesses, to those who want more from life, and would make a good gift.

It’s All a Matter of Attitude, by Justin Herald
Allen & Unwin, 2004