Storm Born, by Jenny Mounfield

Elissa is in trouble at school, yet again. When the other kids tease her, she fires up and the end result is always a trip to the Principal’s office. At home, things aren’t much better. Dad is always angry and there’s no money for the one thing Elissa thinks will make her happy – a horse.

When a beautiful black stallion appears in her yard after a storm, Elissa is sure the storm has brought him to her. She is desperate to convince her father to let her keep the horse. When a strange boy enters her life, the horse forges a bond between them and together they work out a plan to show the horse’s value. But just as things start to look brighter the boy, Michael, disappears. To help him, Elissa will have to face her fears.

Storm Born is a story about friendship, acceptance and family. Both Elissa and Michael come from families with problems, and their ability to support each other is a special feature of the book. Readers aged 10-12 will enjoy the story and be intrigued by the touch of magic which lends a twist of fantasy to the book.

An absorbing read.

Storm Born, by Jenny Mounfield
Koala Books, 2005