Quenarden – The Dark Secret

Ever since he entered the mysterious land of Quenarden, Troy has been convinced that it is his job to overthrow the evil scanator, Pythos. But as Scanator’s reign of terror continues and Troy and his friends are forced into hiding in cave systems below the ground, it seems that the time for Troy to fulfil the prophecy is not getting any closer.

When Pythos captures Amber Embley it sets into motion a chain of events which no one could have foreseen, even with the prophecies about Pythos’ overthrow to guide them. Troy is determined that Pythos be defeated sooner rather than later.

The Dark Secret is the last title in the Quenarden trilogy, and fans of the first two books will not be disappointed with this offering. As with the other books, there are plenty of twists and surprises, with ongoing character development.

This is a satisfying conclusion to an outstanding trilogy.

Quenarden: The Dark Secret, by Paula Vince