The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry

At Henry’s house there are funny little noises coming from the bathroom.
Henry’s mum says, ‘He’s so musical!’
Henry is slowly climbing the ladder of notes on his little plastic recorder.

Learning the recorder, going to the movies, having sleepovers with friends; these are just some of the familiar childhood experiences told in the charmingly simple stories which make up The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry.

These slice-of-life stories are each self contained and fully illustrated with author-illustrator’s Bob Graham recognisable brand of humorous detail. Each story is self-contained and comprises about six pages, with short text and lots of illustrations in full colour, with most pages having two illustrations with text beneath each.

This format would suit reading aloud as bedtime stories or independent reading by 6 and 7 year olds.

Very cute.

The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry, by Bob Graham
ABC Books, 2005