The Glory Garage, by Nadia Jamal & Taghred Chandah

We call the obsession with collecting household items for married life ‘the glory garage syndrome.’ We’re talking serious shopping here and it affects many Lebanese girls long before an engagement ring is on their finger.

Growing from childhood into adulthood presenets challenges for every young woman. She must try to find her own identity, balancing the demands of her friends, family and teacher, with her own needs and beliefs. But, when that girl is a from a Lebanese Muslim family, growing up in Australia, there are a whole range of extra challenges.

The Glory Garage explores some of these challenges through candid real-life stories told by young Australian women of Lebanese-Muslim heritage. Covering issues and tales of identity, prejudice, oppression, terrorism and religious fundamentalism, the book gives a fascinating insight into the lives of these women and others like them.

Readers will be left with a greater understanding of the lives lead by these women and of the Islamic faith in general.

Enlightening reading.

The Glory Garage: Growing Up Lebanese Muslim in Australia, by Nadia Jamal & Taghred Chandah
Allen & Unwin, 2005