Trapeze, by Goldie Alexander

Bump! Bump! CRASH!
Ritchie started up in bed. He switched on his reading lamp.
That noise! He was sure that noise came from straight above his head. He sat up and gazed at the ceiling. To his astonishment, he saw a small lump like a blister bulge out of the plaster.
He must be asleep.
This must be a dream.

Ritchie’s life isn’t going well. First his parents separated. Then his dad went to work in Darwin and he and his mum moved into a flat. The only good thing in his life is his new friend Lilla, who used to be an acrobat in a circus.

When strange things seem to be happening on his bedroom ceiling every night, Ritchie thinks he must be dreaming. Could these strange happenings be a turning point amidst all this gloom?

Trapeze is a new title in the Trekkers series from Macmillan Education. Aimed at children with a reading age of around 11 and a half years, it is suitable both for classroom reading and private enjoyment.

Trapeze, by Goldie Alexander
Macmillan Education, 2005