Death of a Princess, by Susan Geason

Meryet-Neith was pleased with herself. The frankincense and myrrh she had brought from the merchant were fresh and aromatic, and, after a great deal of haggling, she had obtained them at a fair price. She re-entered the harem through the front gates, passing the massive Nubian doormen, and set off through the central courtyard garden towards her workroom.

Meryet – the beautician to Pharaoh’s wives and concubines – may be feeling good about her plans to make a new perfume, but this good feeling soon passes when she learns of the illness of her friend Isis, Pharaoh’s daughter. Isis is ailing fast and neither Meryet, nor Isis’ servants, know what is wrong with her. When Isis dies, Meryet knows that suspicion may fall on her.

What follows is a tense few days as Meryet and her friends try to piece together the mystery of Isis’ death. Could someone have poisoned her or did she die of natural causes? And who would hate Isis enough to kill her?

Death of a Princess is an intriguing historical mystery, set in Ancient Egypt, during the reign of Ramses II. Author Susan Geason weaves a web of mystery and intrigue, with enough clues for young readers to unravel the mystery.

Suitable for readers aged 10 to 14.

Death of a Princess, by Susan Geason
Little Hare, 2005