Double Cross, by Greg Pyers

Things were bad. The gravel was racing by in a blur only centimetres under my backside, while the wheels blasted me with sand and grit. The tractor was bouncing on its suspension, and me with it, like it was actually trying to shake me off. A big enough bump and I’d hit the road. I didn’t care who was driving. I just wanted to stop!

For Carly, a world where thylacines once again roam free and cows can produce strawberry milk is normal. It is, after all, 2032 and genetic manipulation is used to produce whatever people want. But when Carly meets Ace, a teenage fugitive, she quickly sees the other, darker side of this new world. Soon, Carly and Ace are on the run, running from something Carly cannot begin to understand.

Double Cross is a chillingly dark adventure set in a not so distant future and exploring a possible future created by advances in genetic technology. Award-winning author Greg Pyers presents twists and turns which have the reader guessing and being surprised right to the final page.

Suitable for readers aged 12 and over.

Double Cross, by Greg Pyers
ABC Books, 2005