Squeak – The Boy With No Voice, by Tim Levy

This is getting a little weird, thought Squeak. Taking his mother’s hand carefully off the handle, he touched it once with his own finger. The door swung open.
A little man in a green coat burst out of the door. He was one of the strangest-looking people Squeak had ever seen. There were bits of plants, leaves and branches in his hair, on his coat and spilling out of his pockets.

Squeak Evans would be a normal kid – if only he could talk. He has never been able to use his voice and his parents have taken him to see every kind of doctor they can think of. Squeak has almost given up, until they take him to see Doctor Von Schprecken, the world’s only Sniffular-bio-herbologist. The Doctor’s treatment is unorthodox – to say the least – but it might just work. It could even help Squeak audition for the Junior Rock Eisteddfod .

Squeak – The Boy With No Voice is the second title on the Travel Kids series from author/storyteller/comedian Tim Levy. As well as a fun story, the book also has plenty of extras, including a guide to overcome travel sickness, games to play while travelling, and even a page to spill food scraps on.

This fun series is sure to appeal to kids and with the summer holidays fast approaching would make a good Christmas present ready for those long drives and plane trips.

Squeak – The Boy With No Voice, by Tim Levy
Random House, 2005