A Crazy Occupation, by Jamie Tarabay

When Jamie Tarabay was asked to go to Jerusalem for Associated Press, she jumped at the chance. Despite her family’s reservations, she was excited at the prospect of exploring a vibrant land, rich in history and politics. At the time US President Clinton was engaged in peace talks which were sure to make the region safer. Or were they?

Within days or arriving in Jerusalem, Jamie had to re-evaluate all her expectations. She was surrounded by violence and mayhem as Israelis and Palestinians engaged in a battle which seemed to have no end.

This is a story of the middle-east in the years 2000-2004, but it is also a very personal story of Jamie’s own journey through the events she reports. As she reports on the fiery events of the period – car bombings, rocket attacks, street battles and more – she also encounters and befriends the people on both sides of the conflict. Women, children, men, soldiers – all are made real by Tarabay’s exploration.

An honest and insightful account.

A Crazy Occupation, by Jamie Tarabay
Allen & Unwin, 2005