Orson McNeal, 100% Pure, by Tim Levy

Orson stopped. With his blindfold on, his nose and ears were incredibly sensitive. He could hear Fi screaming clearly. He was only part-way though his search, still in the front-left quadrant of the field. He wasn’t far from Fi and he knew he could help her – but this was a test, right?

The town of Welling is poised on the brink of trouble. The supply of orange juice is drying up and without a new gusher, mining operations may have to cease. What the town needs is a new OJ Sniffer to locate a new supply. Orson McNeal wants desperately to be that Sniffer. But there can only be one Sniffer, and Orson must compete with the rest of the town’s children, including his best friend Fi, to get the Sniffer’s badge.

Orson McNeal, 100% Pure is a humorous tale of friendship and adventure. Orson and Fi battle to save their town by locating a new OJ source, but in the process find themselves lost underground. What they find there could be the town’s saviour – or the final straw in closing operations.

Part of the Travel Kids series, Orson McNeal also includes loads of extras. In between chapters there are games and travel tips designed to keep kids entertained while travelling, including a guide to reading in the car and not throwing up.

Suitable for ages 8-12.

Orson McNeal, 100% Pure, by Tim Levy
Random House, 2005