Mr Dumby's Duck, by Colin Thiele

Mr Dumby lived on a little farm in the valley. Everyone said he lived there on his own but that wasn’t true. He lived with a duck.

Mr Dumby and his duck, who he has named, very simply, Duck, enjoy their quiet lifestyle on the farm. Mr Dumby grows vegetables and Duck digs for worms, and each enjoys the other’s company. But Duck’s peace is shattered when two boys discover her swimming in the creek and try to catch her. Although she is rescued by the neighbour’s dog, Duck is alarmed when the boys come to Mr Dumby’s door the following week. She tries to warn Mr Dumby that there is trouble around.

Mr Dumby’s Duck is a delightful new story from esteemed children’s author, Colin Thiele. It is a simple tale of friendship, told in Thiele’s uncomplicated style and, like so many Thiele stories, will appeal to readers of any age, though its length (64pp) and the use of plenty of illustrations make it especially suited for younger children.


Mr Dumby’s Duck, by Colin Thiele
Lothian, 2006