The Last Boy, by June Colbert

There MUST be some other people. There have to be.
I can’t be the last living boy.
Why would I be?
I’m too ordinary to be the last surviving person.

Ben is sick of his family ignoring him, so he runs away and hides out in their bomb shelter. Surely they will miss him and come looking for him. But when they don’t come, Ben decides to head back into town. Only town is unlike anything he could have imagined – all the people have gone, dead people filling cars on the highway, and all the shops and businesses locked up. How could he have missed the Last Official Day? And how will he survive on his own?

The Last Boy is a diary format story which explores a frightening future where mankind finally drives itself towards extinction with the use of chemical and germ warfare. The use of the diary format makes it both personal and easily accessible, and also adds a touch of humour in the face of some pretty frightening events. The narrator is a believable fourteen year old boy who speaks with candour to his diary (and, hence, to the reader).

This is a thought-provoking read which is suitable for teens of all reading abilities and would make a great classroom novel.

The Last Boy, by June Colbert
Lothian, 2006