Little Lunch Four, by Danny Katz

There it was, on the footpath, in a paper bag—the biggest paper bag you’ve ever seen. It was Manny’s playlunch. It had fallen out of Manny’s schoolbag on his way to school. And there it was on the footpath, just out of reach.

When Manny realises he’s dropped his playlunch on the way to school, he is very sad—the bag is filled with all his favourite treats. He isn’t allowed to leave the school grounds, and he can’t reach the playlunch. But perhaps his friends can help him.

The School Gate is one of three funny stories in Little Lunch Four, a humorous look at playground adventures during little lunch (or recess). Each self-contained story is a self-contained offering, with humorous line drawings providing lots of support (and entertainment) for beginning readers.

This is the fourth title in the Little Lunch series and is suitable for readers aged 6 to 10.

Little Lunch Four, by Danny Katz, illustrated by Mitch Vane
Black Dog, 2005