Kered's Crown, by Kaaren Sutcliffe

Alacer eyed Kered curiously, admiring how his friend could spare a moment for humour. After only a few paces the amused glint in Kered’s eyes vanished and he drew his sword. Hastily, Alacer followed suit. As soon as they emerged from the tree boughs, Kered pushed Nightstar into a trot. The bay surged forwards with a shrill whinny.

Having cheated death in the desert and been nursed back to health by his new love, Shouffa, Kered has travelled the ten realms seeking help for his battle with the invading Sarods. He is now ready to return to Tanaria and fight for his Kingdom, his people, and the safety of all the realms. But for victory to be his, he must defeat not just the human Sarrods, but their Demon Lord, Pletholax. How can he defeat an immortal?

This is the third book in the Prophecy of the Sharid trilogy, and a satisfying conclusion. We first met Kered in Kered’s Cry as an unlikely hero, riddled with guilt over the death of his parents and unwilling to believe he can avenge their deaths. Now Kered is a strong leader, respected by his allies and loved by Shouffa, the desert-dweller who saved his life. In a thrilling and action-packed volume, author Kaaren Sutcliffe brings together all the threads of the story and once again works her magic to have readers cheering Kered on throughout, even at times when he continues to question his own abilities.

With the publisher of the first two instalments now being defunct, Aust Speculative Fiction is to be commended for ensuring the publication of the final book.


Kered’s Crown, by Kaaren Sutcliffe
Aust Speculative Fiction, 2006