A Ridiculous Story, by Rolf Heimann

“You’re telling me that a hippopotamus crossed Main Street and exploded, scattering monkeys everywhere… This is the most ridiculous story I have ever heard!”

What should you do if your inflatable Taiwanese hippopotamus won’t move? Why, fill it with monkeys of course! What do you do if your uncle sells you as a parrot to a group of bloodthirsty pirates? What do you do when you can’t invent a better mousetrap? And when is a witch not a witch? This book answers those and more questions.

This is a fun and exciting collection of stories from one of Australia’s best authors. These stories are funny and also suitable for kids of all ages. Kids will love reading this fantastic collection full of droll humour and dry wit.

Another great collection from a fantastic author.

A Ridiculous Story

A Ridiculous Story, by Rolf Heimann
Little Hare, 2006