Ravens Rising, by Kerry Greenwood

‘We have them now. It will work,’ said the first voice, sweet and breathy but just off key enough to irritate a musical ear.
‘ It might,’ said the other.
‘Surely they cannot resist,’ said the first voice. ‘Such seductions, such delights as we can show them, until they are altogether enslaved and incapable of resistance?’
‘One will resist,’ said second voice. ‘Just out of sheer bloody-minded perversity. I ought to know. He’s my son.’

When the Ravens return to the University after bringing down the lightning Nest, they find it seemingly deserted and under the spell of some strange force. The gates are locked, but when Dismas breaks the code and gets them in, they find themselves trapped. The unseen force wants to control their thoughts, and to use their bodies to become human.

Ravens Rising is the third title in the Stormbringer trilogy and brings the Ravens together in a battle to maintain their very humanity. Whilst it is most accessible to those who have read the first two books in the series, The Rat and The Raven it is still quite readable for the reader new to the series.

Raven's Rising (Stormbringer)

Ravens Rising, by Kerry Greenwood
Lothian, 2006