HOP, Little Hare, by Margaret Wild & Peter Shaw

Little Hare is the sweetest little hare ever. He loves his Grandpa and they go everywhere together. Little Hare hasn’t learnt to hop yet – so he goes bump, bump, bump on his bottom – and Grandpa has a lot of aches and pains in his joints, so he goes hibble-hobble, hibble-hobble. Little Hare’s parents try to teach him to hop, but Grandpa tells them he’ll hop when he’s good and ready. It isn’t until Little Hare sees a sheep about to eat the one bush that can help cure Grandpa’s aches and pains, that he takes an almighty hop to save it. Soon Grandpa can go hibble-hobble-HOP and Little Hare can hop can hop along beside him. But sometimes, just for fun, he still likes to go bump, bump, bump.

HOP, Little Hare is a gorgeous new picture book from Margaret Wild, arguably Australia’s finest picture book author. The delightful watercolour illustrations by Peter Shaw are a perfect complement to the gentle humour and warm fuzzy feelings of the text.

A delight for adult readers and young listeners to share over and over.

First released in hardcover, this book has now been released in paperback.

Hop, Little Hare!

HOP, Little Hare, by Margaret Wild & Peter Shaw
This Edition Little Hare, 2007