Run, Kid, Run! by Andrew Daddo

Mum folded some money into Jess’s hand and told Harrison to be careful. ‘The security guards are in hats, white shirts and black pants. They’ve got badges on their sleeves. If you see one with a black ponytail and a knife tattoo, disappear. Got that?’
‘Got it, Mum.’
‘And don’t draw on any more posters.’
The two of them left the meeting room in a crouch.

When Mum is called in to work for an emergency, Jess and Harrison have to go with her, because it’s the school holidays. But Mum works at a television station where high security means kids aren’t allowed. So the kids are told to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble. But keeping out of sight is proving harder than they thought.

Run, Kid, Run! is the first title in the new ABC Kids Fiction series. The fast moving plot and the short length (72pages), coupled with the cartoon illustrations by the talented Craig Smith, makes it very accessible to young readers, especially those making the transition from picture books and easy readers to longer chapter books or novels. The shape cut into the book, reflective of the ABC symbol, will be appealing to kids, echoing the bite in Aussiebites books, and making the series readily identifiable.

As the first instalment in the series, Run, Kid, Run sets a standard for what is to follow. Lots of illustrative support, bright covers and a humorous plot ensure success both in the private reading and school library markets.

Run, Kid, Run! by Andrew Daddo, illustrated by Craig Smith
ABC Books, 2007
ISBN 9780733319280