Shape Shifters, by Goldie Alexander

Acacia had vanished. In her place was a tree with curly, yellow leaves. Every branch was covered in prickles.
Penny gasped. She couldn’t believe what her eyes were showing her. She blinked and blinked.

Penny is amazed when she sees the new girl, Lei-Lei, change the school bully into a tree. Lei-Lei has learnt to shape shift, and now Penny wants to learn to do it, too. Soon, both girls are able to shape-shift when they are in danger, but next they must learn to use this skill only for good.

Shape Shifters is an intriguing fantasy offering for primary aged readers. Kids will enjoy the novelty of the girls’ shape-shifting skills. At just 48 pages long and with plenty of illustrative support, Shape Shifters is ideal for children making the transition to junior novels.

Shape Shifters is part of the Aussie School Books series.

Shape Shifters, by Goldie Alexander
Aussie School Books, 2007