The Big Bazoohley, by Peter Carey

The King Redward Hotel welcomes finalists in the Perfecto Shampoo ‘Perfecto Kiddo’ competition.
‘Perfecto Kiddo,’ said Sam. ‘It’s not even English. It doesn’t make sense.’
‘Why would it make sense, kiddo?’ Earl Kellow grinned. ‘It’s a nonsensical situation. It’s a whole lot of crazy parents trying to make money from their children.’

When Sam Kellow and his parents arrive in Toronto, Sam knows they are in a lot of trouble. Their money is almost gone and his mum can’t find the millionaire who is going to buy her latest painting. But that night, when Sam sleep walks his way around the hotel, he meets Nasty Muriel and Droopy George, two desperate parents who force Sam to enter the Perfecto Kiddo competition. Their own son, Wilfred, has chickenpox.

Sam realises that if he can win the competition he will be able to help his parents, so he goes along with the idea, even though it means having his hair curled and learning to dance. If he can win the Big Bazoohley – $10 000 – his family’s problems will be solved.

The Big Bazoohley is a fun children’s novel from one of Australia’s most decorated authors, Peter Carey. His novels for adults, including The True History of the Kelly Gang and Oscar and Lucinda have twice won the Booker Prize as well as numerous other awards. The Big Bazoohley is Carey’s only novel for children, and is sure to delight.

The Big Bazoohley

The Big Bazoohley, by Peter Carey
Random House, 2006