The Joke Trap, by Richard Glover

Ben didn’t really get it, so I told him about the church, not far from my house, that has an old cemetery next to it. ‘Every time we drive past, Dad says to me, “Look, Jesse, there’s the dead centre of town”. Or, “Look at that place, Jesse, people are just dying to get in there”.’
Ben shot me an amazed look. ‘My uncle does exactly the same joke. Exactly the same words…’

Jesse has a problem. His dad is just so embarrassing. His constant stream of bad jokes are so silly that Jesse is too scared to invite his new friends home. His mate Ben has a similar problem. He is into music and wants to start a band – but his dad is always singing – badly.

When Jesse and Ben compare notes they decide it is time to do something about their dads. With help from their little sisters and Jesse’s Granddad, they give the dads a taste of their medicine.

The Joke Trap is the second title in the new ABC Kids Fiction series, aimed at beginning and reluctant readers aged 7 to 10. With 72 pages, plenty of support from the illustrations of Gus Gordon, and a humorous plot, it is sure to be enjoyed by young readers.

Good stuff.

The Joke Trap, by Richard Glover, illustrated by Gus Gordon
ABC Books, 2007